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SMF: How does one make dating a priority?

Bari: As with any goal we want to achieve in life, setting goals and investing consistent time and energy towards that goal is critical to achieving success. Wishing and hoping won’t cut it. Rather, making a plan and committing to it will keep you positive, motivated and excited about dating. I coach my clients to create a Dating Plan Of Action that is consistent with their vision, a plan that works with their already busy schedules. Creating the plan involves looking at their calendar at the beginning of each month, allotting blocks of time, and filling in those blocks of time with dating – related activities such as searching on dating sites, requesting introductions, making phone calls, sending emails and going on coffee dates. By making dating a priority, one is able to commit to a plan that is balanced and consistent with their vision to find their future spouse. And by doing so, the day will come that they meet the right one—and when they meet that person, they will know it.

About Bari Lyman

As a successful business owner, Bari was used to two things: helping people and being successful. With her staffing company BreakthroughIT, Bari played career matchmaker by helping people find the perfect company fit for their professional aspirations. But despite her business success, she felt discontent when it came to romance. The product of a lonely childhood as well as unfulfilling relationships, she felt incapable of attracting the right man. Not a woman to give up easily, she began a journey to discover her own relationship blockages and blind spots—and conquer them. Her personal transformation into a confident, purposeful dater who knew exactly what she was looking for in a partner—to feel cherished, experience unconditional love and find true partnership—led her to finding Michael. Married in August of 2004, they now share a fulfilling and joyful marriage, and Bari has brought similar breakthroughs to scores of other marriage-minded singles. Bari created the Meet to Marry program based on techniques and lessons learned from a lifetime of personal growth as well as intense study of relationship wisdom and strategies from experts in the field. With over a decade of experience coaching singles in marriage readiness, she is now bringing the revolutionary Meet to Marry program to even more people looking for genuine love. For more about Bari:
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