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SMF: How does a person gain control over his thoughts and power over his destiny?

Bari: With new awareness, any single can choose a new and powerful reality. By choosing to be real and authentic, to love themselves by embracing their own uniqueness, any single can change his or her destiny. It’s important to understand that we can choose our thoughts to create a powerful and empowering reality. By taking a step back and acting as an observer of ourselves we can challenge our own thinking, especially when our thoughts are disempowering. We need to recognize that feelings aren’t facts but rather facts are facts. We need to learn to challenge our negative thoughts and replace them with empowering conversations. The same way we can observe our friends’ blind spots and give advice as observers, a person can choose to view himself or herself objectively by looking at our own patterns and asking the questions: How am I creating this reality over and over again? Why do I attract the people I attract? Is there something I may be thinking unconsciously that may be sabotaging my dreams? Is there something I need to learn from the people I attract? When we ask these questions with a beginner’s mind, we can have an “ah ha” moment to create a new awareness that will get us powerfully into action, and also into reality. When we are in the comfort zone, we are not growing. And as human beings, we need to grow and stretch and learn in order to reach our potential.

About Bari Lyman

As a successful business owner, Bari was used to two things: helping people and being successful. With her staffing company BreakthroughIT, Bari played career matchmaker by helping people find the perfect company fit for their professional aspirations. But despite her business success, she felt discontent when it came to romance. The product of a lonely childhood as well as unfulfilling relationships, she felt incapable of attracting the right man. Not a woman to give up easily, she began a journey to discover her own relationship blockages and blind spots—and conquer them. Her personal transformation into a confident, purposeful dater who knew exactly what she was looking for in a partner—to feel cherished, experience unconditional love and find true partnership—led her to finding Michael. Married in August of 2004, they now share a fulfilling and joyful marriage, and Bari has brought similar breakthroughs to scores of other marriage-minded singles. Bari created the Meet to Marry program based on techniques and lessons learned from a lifetime of personal growth as well as intense study of relationship wisdom and strategies from experts in the field. With over a decade of experience coaching singles in marriage readiness, she is now bringing the revolutionary Meet to Marry program to even more people looking for genuine love. For more about Bari:
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