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The first thing G-d did was to create a vacated space that allowed for something other than Himself to exist. We must do the same for our partner! We must create space for that person in our lives! In the language of Intentioned Touch, Interface is a type of touch which puts focus on a specific area and holds it there with the intention of creating a boundary between the two people. This allows for a very special dynamic to take place between them, similar to what I think G-d did with His creation. When you bring focus to an area, it is because of YOU that change takes place, but you will not be the one who DOES the changing or “fixing.”  By having the intention to create a boundary between yourself and another person while touching, you permit that person to have clarity as to who they are and trust that you are there only to support them in their goals, desires, and needs, and not yours. And at the same time, if you had not put that focus into that spot, your partner would not have had the opportunity to focus in on it. That can be taken in both a literal and/or metaphorical sense. And that’s exactly what G-d did for us! He created space for us to grow on our own, with freewill. Without Him, metaphorically speaking, constantly Interfacing with us, we would never have the opportunity to be who we are. We have the ability as a spouse to provide the opportunity for our partner to grow in ways they cannot without us. We can help them focus in on things, but providing boundaries and space for them to do the work on their own is the key. We cannot do the work for them. They must do it themselves! Recognize that and don’t be upset when asked to step aside. It’s what they need.

About Matt Gleicher

Matt Gleicher is an accomplished Massage Therapist, certified Craniosacral Therapist and Myofascial Release practitioner. He currently runs a private practice, Jerusalem Massage, where he helps people with acute and chronic pain and stress issues, as well as babies and children with developmental disabilities. After earning a degree in Philosophy and learning for two years at Yeshivat Darche Noam in Jerusalem, Matt was inspired to enter into the healing arts and learn massage therapy. During this time Matt began to study Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes, PT and Craniosacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute, which is where he discovered the true power and healing potential of hands. Matt also has a passion for teaching people to use Intentioned Touch as a vital communication tool to enrich their relationships. Many people work with married couples to improve and enrich their marriages, but Matt noticed that there is no one working on the level of touch. Touch is an extremely important and necessary skill in every marriage and Matt has a special, enjoyable, non-intimidating, non-judgmental, and modest way of teaching Intentioned Touch and Massage Techniques to couples. Feel free to reach Matt at:
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