How to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone

How to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone

Taking strengths and values in relationships to a new level!

Rachel Berko, MSW and Batya Yaniger, PsyD

Wednesday June 13, from 20:00-21:30

At the OU Israel Center (22 Keren HaYesod)

25 NIS members, 30 NIS nonmembers

In this workshop, you will learn to recognize and become aware of the strengths you bring to relationships. You’ll also learn to identify what you value in the relationship.

We’ll use simple exercises and group discussion to apply past skills to current situations and future goals. You’ll come away with a working plan for improving your relationship with someone you love.

This workshop is open to both men and women, both married and single.

Let us know if you’d like to participate:

About Shimshon Meir Frankel

Rabbi Shimshon Meir Frankel is a clinical psychologist and founder and president of the Chedva Institute for Relationship Enrichment. He was trained at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology and has been working privately for nearly twenty years. His rabbinic studies -- along with extensive coursework in communication, child development, and group dynamics -- help Rabbi Frankel guide others seeking to actualize their potentials and form healthy relationships. Rabbi Frankel founded the Chedva Institute for Relationship Enrichment to provide worldwide access to experts specializing in the various challenges faced by those in relationships. He lives with his wife and children in Northern Israel.
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