True to Yourself


Success in life is an outgrowth of determination, hard work, integrity and being fully true to yourself. In an interview with Inside the Actors Studio, Robert Redford is asked, “What advice would you give someone just starting out in this business?” His response was strikingly real. I couldn’t help but take it to heart.

Robert Redford: Being honest to yourself. Even if it means you might be in the wrong business. If you can do that sooner rather than later, I think it would be healthier…Too often people deceive themselves because their too eager because their ego is so in need. People come into the business for the wrong reasons. They want to make money, they want to be a star. As long as you can be in places like this (Inside the Actors Studio), chances are you’re gonna come out of it in the right way. Chances are you’ll be stronger for it and you’ll be able to stand on your own. If you can be true to yourself and hold on to that. Even if being true to yourself says, “I know I must do this.” Even though my parents said no, my friends said no. My “look” says no because everyone seems to be buying this kind of look or that kind of look. Their buying blonds or their buying dark haired. I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do because I have faith in myself. As long as I’m true to myself. I don’t kid myself. It’s probably the best thing you need in this business. This business is filled with a lot of treachery, honesty is…beside the point, integrity is…beside the point. Art is beside the point. You have to engineer through that tough landscape so be true to yourself.


About Shimshon Meir Frankel

Rabbi Shimshon Meir Frankel is a clinical psychologist and founder and president of the Chedva Institute for Relationship Enrichment. He was trained at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology and has been working privately for nearly twenty years. His rabbinic studies -- along with extensive coursework in communication, child development, and group dynamics -- help Rabbi Frankel guide others seeking to actualize their potentials and form healthy relationships. Rabbi Frankel founded the Chedva Institute for Relationship Enrichment to provide worldwide access to experts specializing in the various challenges faced by those in relationships. He lives with his wife and children in Northern Israel.
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