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About Shimshon Meir Frankel

Rabbi Shimshon Meir Frankel is a clinical psychologist and founder and president of the Chedva Institute for Relationship Enrichment. He was trained at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology and has been working privately for nearly twenty years. His rabbinic studies -- along with extensive coursework in communication, child development, and group dynamics -- help Rabbi Frankel guide others seeking to actualize their potentials and form healthy relationships. Rabbi Frankel founded the Chedva Institute for Relationship Enrichment to provide worldwide access to experts specializing in the various challenges faced by those in relationships. He lives with his wife and children in Northern Israel.

How to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone

How to Get Along with (Almost) Anyone Taking strengths and values in relationships to a new level! Rachel Berko, MSW and Batya Yaniger, PsyD Wednesday June 13, from 20:00-21:30 At the OU Israel Center (22 Keren HaYesod) 25 NIS members, … more

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Getting What You Want in Your Relationships

  Getting What You Want in Your Relationships   Feeling ignored, disregarded, and disconnected in your relationships?   Get What You Want: Learn practical and powerful tools for creating the loving connections you desire.   Rabbi Shimshon Meir Frankel, M.A. … more

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Treasured Moments

  (A Daily Emotional Check-list for Couples) Many people feel time is not their friend. It effects their relationships. They think, “How can I set aside time for HER, heck, I hardly have time for myself.” The Chedva Love-Management Model … more

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Tired of Looking for Love?

  Are those same old dating patterns getting you nowhere? Are you having financial problems, family issues or just stuck in a rut right now? Maybe it’s time to put dating aside and give yourself the loving space you need. … more

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Make Your Own Referral

  In today’s consumer society, couples seeking marriage counseling should be provided with a quality search engine. Yes, a shopping bag’s worth of experts, clear labels, fronted merchandise – all the best advice at your disposal. At Chedva, we put … more

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Dear Claire, Our youngest daughter just started preschool. She and about 36 other kids are meeting every day in their teachers apartment. She was nice enough to loan out her home until the system finds her a classroom. This is … more

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  Dear Claire, I belong to a discussion group where, for months, experts have been discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of assigning children homework. One side of the argument sees homework as “over-kill” and that “children have enough school work to … more

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Logotherapy Introductory Course

  Batya will be doing an interview about Logotherapy with Arutz 7 — airing on September 14 broadcast from 15:00-17:00 (interview approx. 16:30) Introductory course in Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy now starting in Hebrew October 25 at Midreshet Emunah 9:30-12:45 HaChil … more

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It is my pleasure to announce this up and coming trans-formative experiential workshop: FORGIVENESS IS A DIVINE GIFT Elul Psycho-Spiritual Workshop with Chaya Sara Brand, LMSW This experiential workshop is based on Torah principles, implementing guided imagery and writing exercises. Sessions are … more

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The Dibs on Play Therapy

Virginia M. Axline, the originator of play therapy, recounts the story of an emotionally tangled and withdrawn five-year-old named Dibs. In her book, Dibs: In Search of Self (1964), she takes an emotionally neutral approach to therapy in order not … more

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