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Batya Yaniger is a Diplomate-level certified logotherapist through the Viktor Frankl Institute and a licensed social worker in Israel with a PsyD in psychology. She maintains a private practice in logotherapy (meaning-centered therapy) and is a co-trainer in the English-language logotherapy training program in Israel. Batya has worked successfully with people who have, for a variety of reasons, lost their sense of direction in life. She listens for values and strengths that put the person in touch with who they are and what is most important to them. Logotherapy's assumption that every life has a purpose and every situation can be made meaningful perfectly dovetails with Jewish principles of optimism and responsibility. Batya has worked with people who struggle with issues of depression, anxiety, fears and indecisiveness, helping them to access their intuitive wisdom. Check out Batya's fluid blog at:


The Chedva Beat: How is it possible for a couple to create peace in their home when they are constantly arguing? Batya: Here are some general guidelines that can help. Learn to listen Hear what’s already being said Be successful … more

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Finding a Fitting Mate

  The first match I ever made was highly successful. They got married and now have many children and grandchildren. I have to admit that I didn’t introduce them for the purpose of matrimony. I could see them being good … more

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Value-Powered Communication

  Communication tends to thrive or collapse with empathy. People want to be seen, heard and acknowledged, not ignored. What exactly are we acknowledging when we empathize? Everything! We’re seeing the other’s pain, his passion and his whole spectrum of human experience, … more

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Batya Yaniger | Arutz 7 | Logotherapy Interview

  The Chedva Beat: Batya Yaniger did an interview for Arutz 7 yesterday on Eve Harow’s “Judean Eve” show. The first five minutes or so are the tail end of the previous interview, so just sit tight and listen for … more

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What We Do Matters

  The Chedva Beat: How do responsibility and accountability interplay? Batya: Responsibility is the human condition of doing what we are obligated to do. Where does the demand or obligation come from? We have religious obligations, moral obligations, things that … more

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A Collective Mind

  The Chedva Beat: You have spoken about the merits of a collective mind.  How have you integrated this concept in your relationship work? Batya: People who find themselves in challenging relationships don’t feel connected to each other. Sometimes they … more

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The Blend

  The Chedva Beat: What is the difference between synthesis and analysis? Does a successful marriage require both factors? Batya: In short: Yes. What is the meaning of these terms and how do they apply to marriage? Why does a … more

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