Hanna Greenberg

About Hanna Greenberg

Dr. KJ Hannah Greenberg eats oatmeal and keeps company with a hibernaculum of sometimes rabid imaginary hedgehogs. Hannah used to teach about human interaction. She became a National Endowment for the Humanities scholar and received peer recognition from the National Communication Association. Thereafter, she smartened up and studied belly dancing, basket weaving and herbal medicine making. A few decades later, Hannah relocated across the world to a holy spot from where she began to churn out more smoothies, vegetable soup, and creative writing than might be considered proper for a middle-aged woman. See more about Hannah at kjhannahgreenberg.net

Beyond the Limits

  SMF: What is “mindful intent” for teaching writing? Hanna: “Mindful intent” in teaching writing, or in teaching anything really, begins with an awareness of and an appreciation for the innate integrity of every person. If teachers regard their students … more

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A Teaspoon at a Time

  SMF: You have indicated that you are a “believer in the excellence of the current moment” and that your “epistemology embraces the necessity of joy in the moment, moment by moment.” Many people focus on the future or get … more

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