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→ Director of Professional Development ← Jenny Sassoon is a social worker, family/teen coach, and relationship educator. She received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University, and an advanced certificate from the Academy for Family Coach Training where she was personally trained by Diana Sterling in the Parent as Coach Approach to working with parents and teens. Jenny has fifteen years of experience working with parents and teens in various settings, including summer programs and sleep-away camps, shelters for homeless families, schools, and individual and group counseling. In her business, she provides private coaching and workshops to parents and young adults, respectively. Jenny implements a coaching/outcome-based, goal-oriented approach to assisting individuals which she finds to be the most effective in helping her clients move from awareness to commitment and sustainable change. Through Jenny’s customized coaching programs for parents and young adults she empowers PARENTS to break the negative cycles and battles with their teens and replace them with a peaceful, open and respectful relationship. She also teaches parents the tools to effectively guide their teens in building a life of confidence, focus and direction. Jenny empowers YOUNG ADULTS to attain real and sustaining self-confidence; gain clarity, focus, and direction in their lives; and learn the important tools required to creating real, loving and long-lasting healthy relationships – with their parents and family, friends, and future relationships. Jenny lives in Maale Adumim with her husband and three children. She has offices in Maale Adumim and Jerusalem. Feel free to contact Jenny at

Get R.E.A.L.™

  SMF: How does telling parents and couples to Get R.E.A.L.™ help build better relationships? Jenny: Getting R.E.A.L.™ is an acronym that stands for Respect, Encourage, Appreciate, Love (unconditionally). When I coach parents, young adults, and young couples, the relationship building … more

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Bully Free

  SMF: What words of encouragement would you give to a parent of a teenager who is being bullied in school? JENNY: Bullying is very serious and should be taken very seriously. It is a form of abuse. Every single … more

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Teenage Independence

  SMF: What do young adults really want from their parents? Jenny: Young adults DO want their parents in their lives, but in a new way.  As children are growing up, parents play various roles in their children’s lives.  For … more

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Being the Change | Jenny Sassoon

    Being the Change  

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