Rachel Berko

About Rachel Berko

Rachel Berko is a social worker (MSW) at the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute, a private therapy clinic serving the Jerusalem area. Rachel works with women, helping them find and develop positive stories and initiatives in their lives. Narrative therapy views people as the experts in their lives and holding the keys to unlock their knowledge of how to help themselves. Rachel strives to guide people on this quest and help develop and strengthen this into a living reality. She is very dedicated to working with women of dating age, helping them find hope and strength in growing towards marriage. Rachel has developed a workshop to empower women to find the hidden treasures within themselves and raise their awareness of self while dating. Rachel also works with identity building and strengthening, issues of despair, and issues of confidence and self-esteem. Feel free to reach Rachel at Rachelberko@jnti.net

Externalize It!

  The Chedva Beat: People tend to identify and define¬†themselves by their character traits. What does a client gain by separating himself from these traits? Rachel: I believe clients gain a great deal by separating themselves from defined character traits! … more

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You’re the Expert!

  The Chedva Beat: You refer to your clients as the “experts” and the “knowledge-makers.” How would you say this affects your¬†authority as a therapist? What happens to the therapist’s presence if the client is the expert? Rachel: Narrative therapy … more

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