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Rabbi Shimon Brodie, born and bred in the United States, has been learning and teaching Torah in Israel for close to thirty years. Currently serving as a mashgiach at Yeshivat Ruach Chaim, he maintains a practice as a life coach and marriage educator. Trained as a strategic interventionist, he places a great emphasis on creating new options and out-of-the-box solutions and achieving concrete change as quickly as possible. Perhaps one of the most unique facets of his approach to couples is that in many instances he works primarily with each partner separately. This approach allows him to welcome situations in which only one partner is interested in the coaching process. You can sample some of Rabbi Brodie's resources at and he can be contacted directly at

My War Against Nice II

As we explained in “My War Against Nice I,” trying to be nice means determining how we act by how it will make others feel. This syndrome was (first?) described almost 900 years ago by the great Rabbeinu Bechaya in … more

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My War Against Nice I

  The word “nice” certainly brings with it a host of positive associations: a nice day, a nice piece of cake, and a nice time at the beach. However, if asked to pick a word that presents one of the … more

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Art of Planning

  SMF: Is it essential for people to always have a plan? What is the result of too ambitious a plan? Shimon: Taking your question literally, the answer would be “no” — it is not always essential. Some people are … more

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Save the Mosquitoes

  SMF: How could it be that “working for a worthless cause” could help a person develop meaning in his life? Shimon: The Rambam says that to improve one’s middos it is not enough to study; one must act. That … more

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The Matrix of Emotional Needs

  SMF: You have indicated that “negative behavior is an attempt to attain certain emotional needs.” Firstly, how can one thwart this negative behavior? Secondly, how should a person go about meeting his emotional needs? Shimon: The answer to the … more

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