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About Shoshana Hayman

Shoshana Hayman entered the field of parent education and consultation as an ICCE Certified Childbirth Educator (International Childbirth Education Association), breastfeeding counselor with La Leche League International and parent group facilitator (Faber/Mazlish Workshops). She worked with parents in the United States and Canada for ten years until 1987, when she moved to Israel and received certification in parent education by Bar-Ilan University and the Israel Ministry of Education. She founded Life Center, Center for Attachment Parenting in Israel, in order to publish books for parents, train professionals in the attachment approach, and create cultural awareness about raising children with attachment in mind. She has given hundreds of workshops throughout Israel to parents and teachers, making How to Talk So Kids Will Listen a household name in Israel. She continued her search for deeper understanding of children and adolescents, and in 2004 met Dr. Gordon Neufeld whose insights resonated with her deepest intuition. She began a program of study directly with Dr. Neufeld in order to study the Neufeld Paradigm and its application. She has been appointed to the role of Neufeld Institute Faculty, Faculty Adviser, Authorized Neufeld Parent Consultant and Presenter. In Jerusalem, Shoshana works with the Lander Institute Jerusalem Academic College in the development of a Parenting School based on the developmental-attachment approach. Her passion and commitment have led her to seek and train other professionals in Israel who have a strong desire to help parents and teachers understand what children truly need to realize their human potential. She is the mother of 6 children and grandmother of 14. Her daughter, Elana, works together with her. Shoshana’s family continues to be her greatest source of joy, fulfillment and insight into how children can grow up to be fulfilled, responsible and caring individuals. Be in touch with Shoshana at: or by Email

The Six Attachment Roots

The Chedva Beat: You have indicated that “knowing the roots will help us to see the fruits.” Please describe the Six Attachment Roots. Shoshana: The six roots of attachment were revealed by Dr. Gordon Neufeld, as he put the pieces … more

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Hooray! School!

  If your children or grandchildren are anything like mine, they were looking forward to starting school after the long, hot summer, equipped with their new books and school supplies. No doubt, you, too, are hoping that their enthusiasm about … more

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The Rebellious Child

The Chedva Beat: A rebellious child can be challenging for any parent.  What can be done to improve such a relationship? Shoshana: First we have to define what rebellious means. When we say a child is rebellious, we usually think … more

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Finding the Right School

  Recently a girl in the seventh-grade asked her parents if she could switch schools. She went to an excellent junior hi, but was not happy. Her reasons made sense and reflected the thinking of a girl who was mature … more

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Understanding Anxiety in Young Children

It was dark outside. My 4-year-old granddaughter was about to cross the sidewalk, when she noticed a swarm of black ants covering the area on which she was about to step. Alarmed at the sight of them, she froze in … more

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Questions Matter Most | Kids

A forth-grade teacher recently told his students not to ask any questions until he was finished teaching a certain section of a text.  One little girl raised her hand and meekly said, “But I already have a question, and if … more

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The Bridge Between Home and School

  When a child enters first grade, anticipation and anxiety mix together over this exciting milestone. As the first day of school approaches, a parent wonders, “Will my child like his teacher?” “Will the teacher like my child?” “Will my … more

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Summer Vacation – Freedom From or Freedom To?

“There’s nothing to do!  I’m bored!” is the battle-cry of children everywhere who are on summer vacation.  Yet after weeks of counting the days for school to end, children are at a loss for what to do with their newly … more

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The Chedva Beat: What are children missing today?     Shoshana: Today children are missing the right conditions required to help them reach their full human potential. While it is obvious that it would be unthinkable to remove a fetus … more

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Comparing Children: An Impediment to Growth

Comparing seems to be part of human nature. We compare ourselves to others; we compare our children to each other and to other children; we compare our spouses to others; and on and on. Comparing the heart rate or blood … more

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