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Rabbi Yosef Farhi - Life Coach from a Torah Perspective Rabbi Farhi has three passions in life: learning Torah, helping people, and comprehending human behavior. He spends countless hours researching the Torah’s approach to self-help and personal growth to unravel human behavior and discover effective answers to common life problems. Rabbi Farhi shares his thoughts at thinkingaboutme.org

Keeping Out the Dough

It has become the “in thing” for many Jewish mothers to go to a hotel for Passover. Even though this was not the practice of their own mothers, going to a hotel instead of cleaning is becoming the widespread custom … more

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Love Without Cause

Our Sages tell us that the reason for the destruction of the Second Temple and the dispersion of our people among the nations was שנאת ח’נם  – hatred without cause. And only אהבת חינם – love without cause – can … more

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Language | A Unified Project

INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGES – COMMON GOALS I have always found international couples interesting. Both my parents and I are such international marriages. The international couples that are most amusing to me are those in which the two did not share a … more

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Most people agree that there are 613 mitzvot in the Torah. However, the definition of the word mitzvah has different meanings in the eyes of different people. Some people believe, mistakenly, that the word mitzvah means a good deed. This is a … more

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Blame the Parents

One bad way to parent children is to ignore them. Another bad way to parent children is to be over obsessive about them. There is a long list of what not to do. But there is no one right way … more

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Just three years ago, I attended a Saturday night funeral in Jerusalem of an elderly friend I thought I had known. The deceased had had his vocal box removed as a medical precaution twelve years prior to his death. He … more

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We find a perplexing pasuk with regard to Yaakov’s love for Rachel. In describing the seven years Yaakov was forced to wait before he could marry Rachel, the Torah tells us: He felt that they were like just a few … more

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  It is naive to think that men and women communicate in a similar fashion. It is even more naive to think that we can explain the conduct of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs in terms of our own perspective on … more

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A Message From a Dove

At the end of forty days of rain, Noah sent a raven and afterward a dove to verify whether the floodwaters had subsided. The dove returned to Noah with an olive tree branch in its beak. The Talmud (Eiruvin 18b) … more

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  I’d like to present three puzzling teachings of our Sages concerning the shofar we blow on Rosh Hashanah, and explain how they can all be understood through one fundamental concept. First of all, why do we use a ram’s horn … more

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