Comparing Children: An Impediment to Growth

Comparing seems to be part of human nature. We compare ourselves to others; we compare our children to each other and to other children; we compare our spouses to others; and on and on. Comparing the heart rate or blood … more

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There are times when a parent must reprimand or punish a child. Ideally, of course, the parent should pause before taking action and think things over. Is he (or she) acting out of love for the child or for some … more

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Who Benefits From Play?

The Chedva Beat: How do parents and children benefit from play? Shoshana: Play is indeed very important for both parents and children. Play is the time when our minds are at rest and we are filled with imagination and creativity. … more

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Teenage Independence

  SMF: What do young adults really want from their parents? Jenny: Young adults DO want their parents in their lives, but in a new way.  As children are growing up, parents play various roles in their children’s lives.  For … more

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