Range of Romantic Tips on how to Save Your Bond

This there were half as many divorce as there were marriages. Of the marriages, more than one third required a remarriage for one or both partners. While marital life seems to be out of trend, chances are that the statistics … more

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Matchmakers Try To Settle on The Automotive car keys To A Powerful Relationship

Regardless how bad you think your relationship is right now, there are constantly things you can do to recapture an individual’s heart. You may have to perform marital CPR in the worst case, but you’ve still got a fighting with … more

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Keeping Out the Dough

It has become the “in thing” for many Jewish mothers to go to a hotel for Passover. Even though this was not the practice of their own mothers, going to a hotel instead of cleaning is becoming the widespread custom … more

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The Role of the Inner Clown

  I had the distinct opportunity last week to meet with Jeff Gordon, an international Happiness Trainer and master of the Role of the Clown. Recently he’s been spending his days doing workshops with local entrepreneurs in Northern Israel. He … more

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Externalize It!

  The Chedva Beat: People tend to identify and define themselves by their character traits. What does a client gain by separating himself from these traits? Rachel: I believe clients gain a great deal by separating themselves from defined character traits! … more

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Language | A Unified Project

INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGES – COMMON GOALS I have always found international couples interesting. Both my parents and I are such international marriages. The international couples that are most amusing to me are those in which the two did not share a … more

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My War Against Nice I

  The word “nice” certainly brings with it a host of positive associations: a nice day, a nice piece of cake, and a nice time at the beach. However, if asked to pick a word that presents one of the … more

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The Litmus Test

  The Chedva Beat: What role does self-advocacy play when seeking a mate? Tanchum: It is is critical for a person to be aware of and honor his or her own needs when in the process of finding a mate, … more

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Save the Mosquitoes

  SMF: How could it be that “working for a worthless cause” could help a person develop meaning in his life? Shimon: The Rambam says that to improve one’s middos it is not enough to study; one must act. That … more

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Beyond the Limits

  SMF: What is “mindful intent” for teaching writing? Hanna: “Mindful intent” in teaching writing, or in teaching anything really, begins with an awareness of and an appreciation for the innate integrity of every person. If teachers regard their students … more

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