My War Against Nice I

  The word “nice” certainly brings with it a host of positive associations: a nice day, a nice piece of cake, and a nice time at the beach. However, if asked to pick a word that presents one of the … more

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Beyond the Limits

  SMF: What is “mindful intent” for teaching writing? Hanna: “Mindful intent” in teaching writing, or in teaching anything really, begins with an awareness of and an appreciation for the innate integrity of every person. If teachers regard their students … more

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The Chedva Beat: How is it possible for a couple to create peace in their home when they are constantly arguing? Batya: Here are some general guidelines that can help. Learn to listen Hear what’s already being said Be successful … more

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Dereflection – A New View

YOU are NOT your PROBLEM! When life presents us with challenges, in whatever form, they may seem like insurmountable hills. If you are standing at the foot of a mountain chances are, unless you’re using a periscope, that you will … more

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Make Your Own Referral

  In today’s consumer society, couples seeking marriage counseling should be provided with a quality search engine. Yes, a shopping bag’s worth of experts, clear labels, fronted merchandise – all the best advice at your disposal. At Chedva, we put … more

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  Dear Claire, I belong to a discussion group where, for months, experts have been discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of assigning children homework. One side of the argument sees homework as “over-kill” and that “children have enough school work to … more

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The Dibs on Play Therapy

Virginia M. Axline, the originator of play therapy, recounts the story of an emotionally tangled and withdrawn five-year-old named Dibs. In her book, Dibs: In Search of Self (1964), she takes an emotionally neutral approach to therapy in order not … more

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The Blend

  The Chedva Beat: What is the difference between synthesis and analysis? Does a successful marriage require both factors? Batya: In short: Yes. What is the meaning of these terms and how do they apply to marriage? Why does a … more

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Like Boss

  I recently stumbled upon a wonderful article on Medard Boss’ existential philosophy and psychoanalysis. It shed light on some thoughts I was having about the nature of existence and what it truly means to be engrossed in the process … more

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Being the Change | Jenny Sassoon

    Being the Change  

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