A Teaspoon at a Time

  SMF: You have indicated that you are a “believer in the excellence of the current moment” and that your “epistemology embraces the necessity of joy in the moment, moment by moment.” Many people focus on the future or get … more

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The Chedva Beat: How is it possible for a couple to create peace in their home when they are constantly arguing? Batya: Here are some general guidelines that can help. Learn to listen Hear what’s already being said Be successful … more

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Dereflection – A New View

YOU are NOT your PROBLEM! When life presents us with challenges, in whatever form, they may seem like insurmountable hills. If you are standing at the foot of a mountain chances are, unless you’re using a periscope, that you will … more

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Finding the Right School

  Recently a girl in the seventh-grade asked her parents if she could switch schools. She went to an excellent junior hi, but was not happy. Her reasons made sense and reflected the thinking of a girl who was mature … more

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Treasured Moments

  (A Daily Emotional Check-list for Couples) Many people feel time is not their friend. It effects their relationships. They think, “How can I set aside time for HER, heck, I hardly have time for myself.” The Chedva Love-Management Model … more

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It’s Your Move

  SMF: How does a person gain control over his thoughts and power over his destiny? Bari: With new awareness, any single can choose a new and powerful reality. By choosing to be real and authentic, to love themselves by … more

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You’re the Expert!

  The Chedva Beat: You refer to your clients as the “experts” and the “knowledge-makers.” How would you say this affects your authority as a therapist? What happens to the therapist’s presence if the client is the expert? Rachel: Narrative therapy … more

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  What does it mean to be a unique person? Viktor Frankl once said that true uniqueness is not simply an outgrowth of numerical singularity; there is more to your being the only you than the fact that there is … more

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Value-Powered Communication

  Communication tends to thrive or collapse with empathy. People want to be seen, heard and acknowledged, not ignored. What exactly are we acknowledging when we empathize? Everything! We’re seeing the other’s pain, his passion and his whole spectrum of human experience, … more

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Make Your Own Referral

  In today’s consumer society, couples seeking marriage counseling should be provided with a quality search engine. Yes, a shopping bag’s worth of experts, clear labels, fronted merchandise – all the best advice at your disposal. At Chedva, we put … more

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