Get R.E.A.L.™

  SMF: How does telling parents and couples to Get R.E.A.L.™ help build better relationships? Jenny: Getting R.E.A.L.™ is an acronym that stands for Respect, Encourage, Appreciate, Love (unconditionally). When I coach parents, young adults, and young couples, the relationship building … more

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Engaged?   Mazel Tov!   Now that you’ve reached this milestone, take a moment to reflect. Thoughts to ponder… — What are your expectations of your future spouse?  What expectations might s/he have of you? — Are your parents or … more

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True to Yourself

  Success in life is an outgrowth of determination, hard work, integrity and being fully true to yourself. In an interview with Inside the Actors Studio, Robert Redford is asked, “What advice would you give someone just starting out in this … more

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Art of Planning

  SMF: Is it essential for people to always have a plan? What is the result of too ambitious a plan? Shimon: Taking your question literally, the answer would be “no” — it is not always essential. Some people are … more

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Make Your Own Referral

  In today’s consumer society, couples seeking marriage counseling should be provided with a quality search engine. Yes, a shopping bag’s worth of experts, clear labels, fronted merchandise – all the best advice at your disposal. At Chedva, we put … more

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  During my early days in Israel, a roommate and I were approached by a poor man as we were strolling down Meah Shearim Street in Jerusalem. The man stuck out a cup, which contained a few coins, and said, … more

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What We Do Matters

  The Chedva Beat: How do responsibility and accountability interplay? Batya: Responsibility is the human condition of doing what we are obligated to do. Where does the demand or obligation come from? We have religious obligations, moral obligations, things that … more

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How Chedva Evolved

  Over the last four years numerous couples were coming to my office, sharing their most intimate sorrows and overwhelming frustrations and revealing issues plaguing their marriages. It became my mission to start bringing useful tools to the couples on … more

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Coffee Dates

  SMF: How does one make dating a priority? Bari: As with any goal we want to achieve in life, setting goals and investing consistent time and energy towards that goal is critical to achieving success. Wishing and hoping won’t … more

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