What’s Your Brand?

  What do health professionals venturing out into the field — the “real world” — lack the most? The necessary tools to build and promote long-lasting, happy and thriving business relationships. Individual marketing consultants, business advisers and executive coaches are … more

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Professional Development Program

  Jenny Sassoon models what she teaches. Over the years, professionals have been sharing their lack of happiness and fulfillment in respect to building a successful practice. Jenny’s answer is Chedva’s six-week professional development program, a rigorous course aimed at … more

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Him and Her

  Relationships are like learning to ride a bike. Once you figure it out, you never forget how. It’s best to take things slow and easy. If the relationship is moving too fast, you’re probably going downhill.

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The Role of the Inner Clown

  I had the distinct opportunity last week to meet with Jeff Gordon, an international Happiness Trainer and master of the Role of the Clown. Recently he’s been spending his days doing workshops with local entrepreneurs in Northern Israel. He … more

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Touch Enhanced

  SMF: Is touch fundamental to intimacy or does it just enhance a couple’s closeness?   Matt: Intimacy is the experience of being emotionally and spiritually close with someone, and it does not have to be physical. Touch does enhance … more

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A Teaspoon at a Time

  SMF: You have indicated that you are a “believer in the excellence of the current moment” and that your “epistemology embraces the necessity of joy in the moment, moment by moment.” Many people focus on the future or get … more

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We find a perplexing pasuk with regard to Yaakov’s love for Rachel. In describing the seven years Yaakov was forced to wait before he could marry Rachel, the Torah tells us: He felt that they were like just a few … more

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  Dear Claire, I belong to a discussion group where, for months, experts have been discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of assigning children homework. One side of the argument sees homework as “over-kill” and that “children have enough school work to … more

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Coping With Family Illness

  Dear Dr. Shapiro, My wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. Since then, we have noticed a significant change in how our friends and family behave towards us. What were once comfortable conversations, have now turned into awkward and brief … more

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