Dating with Compassion and Clarity


Do you strive for more clarity and compassion throughout the dating process?
Do you want to grow toward becoming more aware during this stage of life?

During the dating process, it is easy to get stuck in a rut and loose sight of the positive future awaiting you. In addition, people form judgments and conclusions about the people they are dating. The phrases “I don’t know if he is for me” and “what is wrong with me for not going forward!” are too often heard from young women in this stage of life.

At Dating with Compassion and Clarity, you will:

Become aware of how you think and how judgments and previous information can affect thoughts going into dating

Acquire practical tools about how you can achieve more compassion and           clarity within yourself and regarding others while dating.

Workshop is 2.5 hours
Offered to women, individually or in groups
Facilitator: Rachel Berko

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