Intentioned Touch


Reclaiming your intimacy

Many times words get in the way of communicating feelings and information between partners. Intentioned Touch transcends words and reaches the deepest point of communication – freeing a mutual, compassionate and sacred space for true connection.

In this two-session workshop, couples will learn about:

       Interfacing – establish clear boundaries

       Blending – authentic intimacy  

       Streaming – the gift of giving

       Channeling – touching the real you

There is a basic human need for proper and healthy touch. Being touched is literally food; babies deprived of touch often do not survive. Relationships without healthy and proper touch also do not survive. Unfortunately, in our fast paced, high-tech world, most people do not take the time to find a quiet space to explore this powerful way of sharing and expressing themselves to loved ones. In addition, touch seems to have become both taboo as a topic of discussion or overused that people become desensitized, leading to a serious breakdown of the relationship.

Facilitator: Matt Gleicher

Participants will receive a handbook for review of the material covered in the seminar.

Reclaim your Intimacy through Intentioned Touch


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Matt Gleicher is an accomplished Massage Therapist, certified Craniosacral Therapist and Myofascial Release practitioner. He currently runs a private practice, Jerusalem Massage, where he helps people with acute and chronic pain and stress issues. Touch is an extremely important and necessary skill in every marriage, and Matt has an enjoyable, non-intimidating, and modest way of teaching Intentioned Touch and massage techniques to couples.

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