Mazel Tov!

 Now that you’ve reached this milestone, take a moment to reflect

Thoughts to ponder…

– What are your expectations of your future spouse?  What expectations might s/he have of you?

– Are your parents or future in-laws divorced?  How does that affect your perception of relationships?

– Does your future spouse have a certain personality trait that concerns you?

– Do you relate to money the same way? How might that affect your relationship?

– What areas of your relationship do you think need improvement?

– Do you see something you would like to change in your future spouse?  Change in yourself?

– Is the engagement process progressing as you imagined?

– What aspects of your parents’ relationship would you like to bring to your relationship?

– Are your buttons being pushed?

What we achieved…

Together we developed a roadmap. We were encouraged to discover our strengths as a couple and embrace our challenges.         


Meeting with Rabbi Frankel was beshert. It gives you a foundation, talking to a counselor. You’re not a pro and you’re too involved. He’s not invested in it. There’s no agenda.


It was really good getting down to the tachlis of the relationship. We worked on healthy communication, and I had to reevaluate my priorities and learn how to take responsibility.


Within a short time we began to make small changes that made a big difference in terms of happiness and fulfillment.




All counseling is done in accordance with
authentic Torah Judaism.

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