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Chedva’s Professional Community

  The new Chedva Institute site is currently in the throws of development. In the meantime, I’d like to invite relationship focused help professionals to please join our community on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/ChedvaInstitute-LinkedIn We can reach more people by creating a functioning … more

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Finding the Right School

  Recently a girl in the seventh-grade asked her parents if she could switch schools. She went to an excellent junior hi, but was not happy. Her reasons made sense and reflected the thinking of a girl who was mature … more

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  Dear Claire, I belong to a discussion group where, for months, experts have been discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of assigning children homework. One side of the argument sees homework as “over-kill” and that “children have enough school work to … more

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How Chedva Evolved

  Over the last four years numerous couples were coming to my office, sharing their most intimate sorrows and overwhelming frustrations and revealing issues plaguing their marriages. It became my mission to start bringing useful tools to the couples on … more

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