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Dating Sabotage

  SMF: In what ways are singles “sabotaging” their future? Bari: By playing games and not being true and authentic when dating, many singles are sabotaging their chances of meeting that special person and, while they are doing so, time … more

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Meet to Marry – A Review

  In her debut self-help-styled book Bari Lyman offers the dating public something to be excited about: practical advice from her first-hand experiences of years of dating and remaining single. Lyman offers readers insight into their own barriers, blocks, and … more

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Honoring Needs

  SMF: How did honoring your “top emotional needs” and not compromising on your personal “values” help to attract your husband?    Bari: Honoring my own emotional needs allowed me to be true to myself and to date with confidence … more

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Finding a Fitting Mate

  The first match I ever made was highly successful. They got married and now have many children and grandchildren. I have to admit that I didn’t introduce them for the purpose of matrimony. I could see them being good … more

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Tired of Looking for Love?

  Are those same old dating patterns getting you nowhere? Are you having financial problems, family issues or just stuck in a rut right now? Maybe it’s time to put dating aside and give yourself the loving space you need. … more

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Coffee Dates

  SMF: How does one make dating a priority? Bari: As with any goal we want to achieve in life, setting goals and investing consistent time and energy towards that goal is critical to achieving success. Wishing and hoping won’t … more

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