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Keeping Out the Dough

It has become the “in thing” for many Jewish mothers to go to a hotel for Passover. Even though this was not the practice of their own mothers, going to a hotel instead of cleaning is becoming the widespread custom … more

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Love Without Cause

Our Sages tell us that the reason for the destruction of the Second Temple and the dispersion of our people among the nations was שנאת ח’נם  – hatred without cause. And only אהבת חינם – love without cause – can … more

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Meet to Marry – A Review

  In her debut self-help-styled book Bari Lyman offers the dating public something to be excited about: practical advice from her first-hand experiences of years of dating and remaining single. Lyman offers readers insight into their own barriers, blocks, and … more

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Most people agree that there are 613 mitzvot in the Torah. However, the definition of the word mitzvah has different meanings in the eyes of different people. Some people believe, mistakenly, that the word mitzvah means a good deed. This is a … more

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Treasured Moments

  (A Daily Emotional Check-list for Couples) Many people feel time is not their friend. It effects their relationships. They think, “How can I set aside time for HER, heck, I hardly have time for myself.” The Chedva Love-Management Model … more

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Questions Matter Most | Kids

A forth-grade teacher recently told his students not to ask any questions until he was finished teaching a certain section of a text.  One little girl raised her hand and meekly said, “But I already have a question, and if … more

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We find a perplexing pasuk with regard to Yaakov’s love for Rachel. In describing the seven years Yaakov was forced to wait before he could marry Rachel, the Torah tells us: He felt that they were like just a few … more

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Tired of Looking for Love?

  Are those same old dating patterns getting you nowhere? Are you having financial problems, family issues or just stuck in a rut right now? Maybe it’s time to put dating aside and give yourself the loving space you need. … more

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The Chedva Beat: What are children missing today?     Shoshana: Today children are missing the right conditions required to help them reach their full human potential. While it is obvious that it would be unthinkable to remove a fetus … more

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