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Finding the Right School

  Recently a girl in the seventh-grade asked her parents if she could switch schools. She went to an excellent junior hi, but was not happy. Her reasons made sense and reflected the thinking of a girl who was mature … more

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Understanding Anxiety in Young Children

It was dark outside. My 4-year-old granddaughter was about to cross the sidewalk, when she noticed a swarm of black ants covering the area on which she was about to step. Alarmed at the sight of them, she froze in … more

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Questions Matter Most | Kids

A forth-grade teacher recently told his students not to ask any questions until he was finished teaching a certain section of a text.  One little girl raised her hand and meekly said, “But I already have a question, and if … more

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Dear Claire, Our youngest daughter just started preschool. She and about 36 other kids are meeting every day in their teachers apartment. She was nice enough to loan out her home until the system finds her a classroom. This is … more

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