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Putting the “Intention” Back into “Touch”

  SMF: What is the “intention” in Intentioned Touch? Matt: Intentioned Touch means physically touching another person with purposeful intention. This is extremely important when touching your spouse. The power that comes out of our hands is so strong — … more

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Massage Therapy: A Different Kind of Treatment

  According to research, massage therapy has increased in popularity as an effective adjunct health treatment to traditional methodologies by an unprecedented percentage. Likewise, more than 70% of physicians are likely to refer their patents to a massage therapist. As … more

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Touch Enhanced

  SMF: Is touch fundamental to intimacy or does it just enhance a couple’s closeness?   Matt: Intimacy is the experience of being emotionally and spiritually close with someone, and it does not have to be physical. Touch does enhance … more

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Treasured Moments

  (A Daily Emotional Check-list for Couples) Many people feel time is not their friend. It effects their relationships. They think, “How can I set aside time for HER, heck, I hardly have time for myself.” The Chedva Love-Management Model … more

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